Take a look at this film that led to the creation of this wonderful hand cut work by Joni Smith – currently on show in “Ordinary Worlds” in the main barn at Creake Abbey, NR21 9LF. Open daily (10am to 4pm) until 23 August, 2018 with additional work by Linda Jamieson, Pandora Mond, Amanda Sutton, Lorraine Bewick and Adrea Girling is also being shown.

Formosa is the old name for Taiwan, originally named by Portuguese sailors who called it Illa Formosa, meaning ‘Beautiful Island’. It’s Antipodean counterpart is the province Formosa on the border between Argentina and Paraguay and is the only antipodean place to ever have had the same name at both ends.

The exact location in Taiwan is the metropolitan park in Taichung City.

Below is an excerpt of Joni at work…