We are showing more of Maria Pavledis’ work at Houghton Hall during the summer. Maria’s work is rooted in folk and fairy tales. She connects these stories and their symbolism with contemporary stories and personal narratives. Maria work from the traditions of drawing and etching mostly, but explores new ways of interpreting some of the processes including making smoked images and projecting drawings and prints.

Smoke Drawing Technique

“ The method developed from a process used in etching called ‘smoking the plate’ where the copper plate is blackened with a lighted wax taper before the image is drawn on. I always took great pleasure in creating rhythms and patterns on the plate with the smoke, and I started to experiment with smoke on paper and from that began working on larger scale drawings.

I lie under the paper, which is taped to a board and use the smoke to create the marks, working back in to the image with tools like rubbers and brushes, even feathers to create texture and detail. “

Below is a short film about a recent residency that Maria undertook in Norwich.