Our forthcoming Pop-Up exhibition, Ordinary Worlds, at Creake Abbey will show a selection of new and recent paintings and works on paper by six Norfolk artists, from 10 to 23 August, 2018. Andrea Girling studied fine art at Norwich University of the Arts and gained MA in 2016. Her practice addresses concerns relating to the increasing pace of technology and its impact on humankind. Girling’s research is a process-led (thinking through making) enquiry into the relationships and dualities of the fast and slow, machine and handmade, digital and analogue.

Andrea Girling embraces the tradition of landscape in the Romantic period, re-working original 18th and 19th century engravings. An engraving of the Corra Lynn Waterfall on the River Clyde is her starting point. The falls were painted by JMW Turner circa 1840. By alternating between digital imaging and freehand drawing technique, Girling makes her process part of the final drawn image. Each drawing takes weeks to prepare, meticulously built up, including the faults incurred during its development to create something slowly and entirely new.

Operating somewhere within the boundaries of deliberation and accident, Girling completes the circle between the idealised nature of her source material and the finished image.