February 14, 2017


I have been working as a self-employed basketmaker for nearly 20 years. I make both traditional and contemporary baskets using willow grown by my husband in a field just outside our village. I also create large scale outdoor sculpture as well as teaching basketry and sculpture.

Sue was attracted to the craft of basketry because of its rich history and multitude of incredible patterns and techniques which have been around for thousands of years. When she is making a basket, Sue becomes captivated by the rhythms of the weave and lost in thought. Designs develop from repetition of previous baskets and the ideas for the next piece often come half way through a basket she is working on.

Her contemporary baskets showing at Houghton Hall are sculptural rather than functional objects. The form is important, the colours of the willow make patterns and stripes. The hazel handle is like a drawn line piercing through the weave.