February 14, 2017


Sarah is a printmaker living in Norwich producing prints from a small etching press on a tea trolley in the corner of her dining room. She finds inspiration in her surroundings: the Norfolk countryside, its wildlife, birds, farm animals and coast. Holidays provide further sources of inspiration in new surroundings.

Recently Sarah found herself increasingly drawn to the immediacy of monotypes. She finds herself working in a slightly more abstract way, taking a remembered landscape as a starting point and adapting the image as she goes along.

For monotypes she usea a Gelli plate or a blank sheet of perspex on which to make the image. She applies ink with a roller initially then adds marks with a paint brush or palette knife. Sarah also uses a sponge to both add and take away ink. A sheet of paper is placed on top of the image and it is transferred either by applying hand pressure to the back of the paper if using a Gelli plate or by the pressure of the press if using perspex. Each monotype is a unique image and cannot be repeated.