February 14, 2017

Paul Wolterink, graphic designer, printmaker and Dutchman, resident in rural West Norfolk since Winter 2015. Here he runs his design practice and is currently setting up his print studio in a former chapel. He loves applying the fundamentals and systems of graphic design in his ‘crossdisciplinary’ practice and works across a range of media, believing “Anything can function as a carrier for information”. He is also Visiting Lecturer at Norwich University of the Arts, at the Graphics faculty.

An antihero, a ghostwriter, a transsexual, a criminal family in Sardinia and the blurred dividing lines between right and wrong characterise Michael Dawkes’ novel The Sardinians. Originally produced as book cover design, but accompanied by this hand pulled screen print which comes in an edition of 35 prints only.

The icon of ‘Belinda’ is pure nostalgia to me. The cigarette brand doesn’t exist anymore. It existed in an age when everybody still smoked, everywhere, in public. I first met Belinda, pictured on a package of cigarettes, around the bar of our local tennis club. Where housewives gathered very early in the morning around the bar, after playing tennis, sipping from their Vermouths and smoking (so called healthy) menthol Belinda cigarettes. By 11 am they probably all were drunk

West Norfolk Wood Keyhanger, half hand painted with bright neon colours and quite a size so that you will never lose your keys again. Various types of wood including Breckland hazel tree wood.

‘What is this picture dad?’ ‘That, my child, is a coffee spoon from long ago, made from funky material that we used to call ‘plastic’.’ ‘Remember Plastic’ is an ode to plastic, a conserved and preserved image for our next generations, (hopefully) living in a world without wasteful use of plastic.