Charlotte Packe is a Norfolk based lighting designer who creates contemporary schemes for residential and commercial clients. We have been thrilled to showcase her work for the first time in 2017 and look forward to collaborating further in 2018. We are stocking a capsule collection of her lights and assisting with a number of commissions in 2018.

As Charlotte says: ‘Light is one of the most magical forces, it is the most important element in our world and therefore within our home. I am inspired and in awe by light and to be able to work with such a magical force and then to select materials which control, capture, direct and enhance – it is the best part of the world we live in.”

Services within lighting include consultation which leads to planning concepts, advice on current products from selected manufacturers, the design and making of one off pieces and enhancement of existing lighting schemes.


Coral is a modern take on the wall light. Each fitting comes with a silver or gold topped light bulb. E14, S.E.S (small Edison screw) this helps throw the luminance back on the wall, preventing glare. You can paint the shade the same colour as your wall colour if the following three colours don’t suit. Shade Colours Charcoal black / Whitewashed white / Fluorescent orange.

FITTING: Designed for simplicity and versatility as requires no chasing in.