Fathers Day has its origins in America – in fact though some states adopted the celebration from the mid 1900s – Americans can actually thank of all people, President Nixon, for making this a US national day of celebration in 1972. This is a more recent phenomenon in the UK but nonetheless an important addition to the calendar.

Whatever the origins however, the whole world celebrates all things ‘fatherly’ at some point during the year.This year we celebrate Fathers Day in the UK on Sunday 18 June.

Are dads more hands-on than they used to be? According to a recent Netmums survey, the most important job for dads is “to be a role model and show how a good man acts for both boys and girls”.

Eighty-eight per cent of parents surveyed felt that the role of fathers had changed dramatically over the last generation, with a man’s career increasingly seen as being of secondary importance to his family.

All the more reason to spoil the old geezer rotten.