An Artist Residency and Exhibition by Maria Pavledis at The Shoe Factory Social Club, St Mary’s Works, Norwich

February 4th – 12th
Open to the Public 10 – 5pm 11th and 12th February 2017

We are delighted that our colleague and wonderful artist, Maria Pavledis is undertaking this nine-day residency when she will be creating a sequence of installations using projection, sound and smoke drawing. This is all taking place within the atmospheric space of The Shoe Factory Social Club, part of St Mary’s Works, Norwich dn5sk96.

Maria, a long time exhibitor with Norfolk by Design, is an artist and printmaker who works with the dream-like world of fairy tale and narrative, including its darker and uncanny elements.  Starting from a very strong commitment to drawing, she develops images using a mixture of traditional and non-traditional techniques. She is interested in the qualities of fragility and destruction both in nature and in printmaking and the title of the Residency refers to both animal behaviour and processes used in print.

This residency develops her printmaking practise into installation; by collaborating with engineer Chris Branford, who has specially adapted overhead projectors to create moving images.  The viewer can enter in to a space of drama, becoming part of the story.  Other defunct analogue equipment, like reel to reel and super 8, also comes into play.

As well as the projections, she will be showing her unusual and unique drawings made by smoking the paper with a live flame, a technique which she developed from etching processes.

The space is open to the public on Saturday 11th and Saturday 12th February.

Maria originally studied painting at Norwich School of Art and printmaking at Camberwell College of Art.  Maria is part of the Norwich based Artist /Printmaking Collective Print to the People and a member of London Organisation of Original Printmakers and has exhibited widely.

The  Shoe Factory Social Club is a creative space which is part of the redevelopment of St Mary’s Works and St George’s Works by The Shoe Quarter Limited and is curated  by Sam Coe of the Wharf Academy