We are showing a range of ceramics at our next pop up in Brancaster (15-18 November). Regular exhibitors Karen Downing, Laura Huston and Polly Fern will be joined by Ros Arrowsmith, Kim Turner and Michael Woods. Click to view more of the work you will be able to buy this year.


Ros specialises in thrown tableware made from stoneware clay. She is influenced by the behaviour of the clay when manipulated after throwing and by the way glazes behave in combination. Her work is simple and tactile. We are showing Ros’ named mugs that can be ordered with the name of your choice in time for Christmas.


Kim’s recent work mainly comprises two firing processes. The first is Raku-fired , a very quick (and intense) firing process which involves firing the pots until they are red hot then removing and putting into sawdust.  There the glaze cracks and the smoke gets in leaving you with lovely random black crackles all over the pot. The second is Smoke-fired, which involves putting a thick slip over the burnished pot, placing it in a bin of sawdust, and lighting the top. As it slowly burns down, the slip cracks letting the smoke in. When you peel it off, once it’s finished, you are left with soft smokey marks all over the pot.


Inspiration for Michael Woods’s designs comes from his interest in indigenous cultures and their artworks and from the British decorative arts tradition. His first solo show ‘From the Corner of My Eye’ at The Cut arts centre in Halesworth, Suffolk in 2016 showcased his anarchic and witty style with one off sculptures.  In the past few years he has produced a range of hand built studio pottery and sculptures which have been sold at the Affordable Art Fairs in London and New York, and to private collectors around the world.


Karen Downing gained a BA from Georgetown University Washington, DC, served two apprenticeships with potters on the east coast of America and worked at Penland School of Crafts (North Carolina) before settling in the UK. Her hand thrown porcelain is included in many private collections and has been widely exhibited in the UK, as well as in Europe, Japan and the United States. She is a member of the Craft Potters’ Association and is on the Crafts Council’s ‘Index of Selected Makers’. Karen lives and works in the Brecklands.


Laura Huston was born in North Norfolk in 1981. After working in film set design she began studying pottery at various courses in London. Moving back to Norfolk in 2012 she set up a studio and has concentrated on making functional stoneware. This provides her with the boundaries she feels she needs to explore form, pattern and colour, as she reimagines and reworks her designs from day to day. She throws on the wheel, sometimes joining pieces together to create interesting shapes, then applies slips. Once leatherhard she often carves back into the slip to reveal the clay beneath, a process called ‘sgraffito’. Most of the pots have a matt, stony glaze and are twice-fired in an electric kiln


Illustrator, ceramicist and canary keeper based in Norwich